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About OPS FC 

Welcome! You are part of a very special soccer community. OPS FC works in conjunction with NCW Alliance, FC, NCW Alliance Academy and operates under the 501 C3 banner of United SC. We offer great value for our members through community-based programs, where local talent is identified, trained and advanced through an integrated development system designed to maximize enjoyment in a competitive environment. OPS FC provides professional coaching, multiple levels of play, along with regional and national exposure for both boys and girls. Our brand of Soccer is fast, skilful, and creative. OPS FC is comprised of players from all over North Central Washington including players from Omak, Brewster, Bridgeport, Chelan, Manson, Moses Lake, Quincy, Leavenworth, Cashmere, East Wenatchee and Wenatchee. OPS FC was founded by Mike Osborn in the Spring of 2016 and has grown to 180 players currently involved in the program. Player movement within the club follows the club mode: prioritize player development, club, and the team. OPS FC is committed to using soccer as a platform for promoting the pursuit of excellence in the educational, character and physical development of our players. By creating a healthy competitive environment for children 5-19 years of age we will teach players how to set and work toward goals individually and collectively, modelling and instilling the qualities of leadership, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, loyalty and sportsmanship. Players will learn how to overcome adversity, exercise self-discipline, practice humility, gratitude, and service to others. The end result being that every player is equipped to make significant contributions as a part of a team, both on the field and where they happen to live their life. In short, our goal is to play a significant role in developing today’s player into tomorrow’s game changer

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What does it cost to play for OPS FC?


OPS FC is committed to providing a superior experience for your player and also understands that it is important to keep costs affordable.   Premier soccer by its nature is more expensive than recreational play as it typically includes professional coaching, travel, and higher level league and registration fees.  The final cost depends on the division you play in, the number of players on your team, and whether or not you have a paid OPS FC coach.

The costs and fees are described in detail below:

Try Out Registration Cost (2021-22 Season)    $15


Season Registration Cost (2021-22 Season)  

  • Payment Option #1: $500 if paid in full                                                           

  • Payment Option #2: $250 down and three monthly payments of $94.  Total cost of registration is $532.  


  • Payment Option #3: $200 down and six monthly payments of $60.  Total cost of registration is $560.

  • Multi-player family discount:  If you have multiple players to register the cost would be $450 per player. 


***All payments are to be completed by December at the latest.


League fees (2021-22 Season): Per team fees are based on division ($550 – Premier, $350 – Classic, $200 – Copa per season). Division placed in is based on performance. 

Per player fees are then based on team division and # of players.  High School only plays one season - younger ages play two.  

For example a 2009 player playing on a team with 14 players in the Classic division would have a per season league fee of $350/14 = $25. They would play two seasons - so their total per player league fee for the year would be $50.

Coaching fees (Subject to licensing and experience): Coaches fees are determined by a combination of license and experience.  Any coach has the ability to scholarship a player based on financial need.


Teams where players try-out and are placed with paid coaches would be participating in the Premier and Classic levels. 

If you bring a team in and provide your own coach you will still pay registration, league and any tournament fees but no coaches fees apply. 

Coach’s travel expenses: Travel expenses are paid a flat $100 per trip unless overnight accommodations are needed then associated hotel and $35 a day meal allowance will apply.  These expenses are divided by all rostered players.

Uniforms: All teams, (except Development Teams - 2011-2013), are required to wear approved OPS FC kits & uniforms. A basic uniform kit consists of 2 jerseys, 1 short, 2 pairs of socks. (one home kit and one away kit). Cost $150 + shipping.  Training suits and bags are not required but can be purchased anytime.  Every player will need to purchase a uniform kit this year.  Uniforms are ordered through our own team store on Soccer.com.  Once your player has registered to play, they will receive an email from soccer.com to set up their account.  Uniforms and fan wear can be purchased from this site.

Tournaments: Your team may participate in several tournaments throughout the year. Tournament fees will divided by all rostered players, regardless of attendance unless approved by coach.