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Welcome To OPS FC

OPS FC Moves to Wenatchee FC Youth

Dear OPS FC Family, 

My vision has always been to provide every child that has a desire to play competitive soccer in North Central Washington the opportunity to train and develop to their full potential with quality, experienced and licensed staff, first-rate facilities, in the most competitively appropriate programs, leagues, and tournaments accessible to the Club.  Where opportunities are limited, we will help place players in programs better suited for their ability and aspirations.  Ultimately training today’s player to be tomorrow’s game changer on the field and in their home, school, workplace, and community.

The way forward has been a bumpy road with all kinds of twists and turns, some good, some not so good but maybe necessary to get everything to where we are today.  Most everybody I talk with wants to know why the soccer community is so divided.  We have such a rich talent pool of kids that are split up to the point that we're really doing them a dis-service to allow things to continue this way.

Every Club has been striving for a solution to this problem on their own.  Now and again talking about the possibility of joining forces, but personalities, philosophies and emotional baggage from the past have blocked the way forward.  United, OPS & Alliance have tried to break the barrier by working together under the United umbrella while keeping their individual Club distinctives and resources separate while working collaboratively on specific projects.  We've made progress but lack the infrastructure and administrative horsepower to really go much further.

Over the last 18 months Wenatchee FC has totally reorganized and mobilized its board of directors in such a way as to provide a path forward to unite our Clubs competitive programs under one umbrella and one brand.   In so doing, WFC have offered me a position as a Program Director for 7v7 & 9v9 teams as well as s the Director of their college recruitment and preparation program.  My acceptance was conditioned on two things:  My wife's opinion and comfort level with the mission and vision of WFC leadership and the thoughts and concerns of the OPS FC coaches and managers. Having their consensus has led me to move our teams under Wenatchee FC Youth.

There are three primary reasons that I will iterate briefly.  First, combining under one organization and brand eliminates confusion with regard to long term player developmental pathways.  Everybody understands what's next for their child's development under one professionally operated organization.  Second, it would create depth of program at every age level allowing kids to train and play at the most developmentally competitive level.  Instead of competing against each other and creating adversarial relationships, our kids would be competing with each other, raising the level of play and opportunities for all.  Finally, as one Club under one brand it increases organized soccer's ability to work with city, county and public organizations to secure, enhance and lobby for quality outdoor facilities.  Soccer is by far and away the largest youth user group in the community with the fewest quality outdoor facilities to utilize.

Tryouts for Wenatchee FC Youth will be held at Wenatchee Valley College Please take note of the tryout schedule below.

Wenatchee FC Youth Tryouts


Wenatchee Valley College

Girls Tryouts

2005-2007 May 19 from 6:45pm-8:00pm

2010-2011 May 24 from 5:30pm-6:45pm

2012-2013 May 23 from 5:30pm-6:45pm

2014-2015 May 20 from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Boys Tryouts

2004-2006 May 25 from 6:00pm-7:30pm

2007-2008 May 19 from 5:30pm-6:45pm

2009-2010 May 24 from 6:45pm-8:00pm

2011-2012 May 23 from 6:45pm-8:00pm

2013-2015 May 20 from 6:30pm-7:30pm

Thank you so much for your support!

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What does it cost to play for OPS FC?


OPS FC is committed to providing a superior experience for your player and also understands that it is important to keep costs affordable.   Premier soccer by its nature is more expensive than recreational play as it typically includes professional coaching, travel, and higher level league and registration fees.  The final cost depends on the division you play in, the number of players on your team, and whether or not you have a paid OPS FC coach.

The costs and fees are described in detail below:

Try Out Registration Cost (2021-22 Season)    $15


Season Registration Cost (2021-22 Season)  

  • Payment Option #1: $500 if paid in full                                                           

  • Payment Option #2: $250 down and three monthly payments of $94.  Total cost of registration is $532.  


  • Payment Option #3: $200 down and six monthly payments of $60.  Total cost of registration is $560.

  • Multi-player family discount:  If you have multiple players to register the cost would be $450 per player. 


***All payments are to be completed by December at the latest.


League fees (2021-22 Season): Per team fees are based on division ($550 – Premier, $350 – Classic, $200 – Copa per season). Division placed in is based on performance. 

Per player fees are then based on team division and # of players.  High School only plays one season - younger ages play two.  

For example a 2009 player playing on a team with 14 players in the Classic division would have a per season league fee of $350/14 = $25. They would play two seasons - so their total per player league fee for the year would be $50.

Coaching fees (Subject to licensing and experience): Coaches fees are determined by a combination of license and experience.  Any coach has the ability to scholarship a player based on financial need. 

If you bring a team in and provide your own coach you will still pay registration, league and any tournament fees but no coaches fees apply. 

Coach’s travel expenses: Travel expenses are paid a flat $100 per trip unless overnight accommodations are needed then associated hotel and $35 a day meal allowance will apply.  These expenses are divided by all rostered players.

Uniforms: All teams, (except Development Teams - 2011-2013), are required to wear approved OPS FC kits & uniforms. A basic uniform kit consists of 2 jerseys, 1 short, 2 pairs of socks. (one home kit and one away kit). Cost $150 + shipping.  Training suits and bags are not required but can be purchased anytime.  Every player will need to purchase a uniform kit this year.  Uniforms are ordered through our own team store on  Once your player has registered to play, they will receive an email from to set up their account.  Uniforms and fan wear can be purchased from this site.

Tournaments: Your team may participate in several tournaments throughout the year. Tournament fees will divided by all rostered players, regardless of attendance unless approved by coach.

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