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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Central Washington Sounders (Seattle Sounders FC Official Partner Club) (CWS)?

A: Central Washington Sounders is the name of the affiliate Club in Yakima that OPS FC is working with as partner to identify, evaluate and develop talent for Sounders FC Youth Academy. As a part of that affiliation, OPS FC will be the beneficiaries of Sounders developmental curriculum, coaching education and a host of other benefits and opportunities for the youth in our region.

Q: What is Osborn Performance Systems FC (OPS FC)?

A: Osborn Performance Systems or OPS FC is the named program partner with CWS in North Central Washington. Mike Osborn is the Technical Director for the program that seeks to expand the opportunities for players and coaches to develop their talent, play competitively and make a positive impact in their communities. By employing a value based coaching model, OPS FC uses soccer as a platform for promoting the pursuit of excellence in the educational, character, and physical development of our players. By creating a healthy competitive environment for children 5-19 years of age we will teach players how to set and work toward goals individually and collectively, modeling and instilling the qualities of leadership, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, loyalty and sportsmanship. Players will learn how to overcome adversity, exercise self-discipline, practice humility, gratitude, and service to others. The end result being that every player is equipped to make significant contributions as a part of a team, both on the field and where they happen to live their life.

Q: How young can I be to try out?

A: Players that were born in 2008 or earlier are welcome to tryout in Wenatchee. Our current offering for Upper Valley consists of programs for players born in 2004 or earlier. However, we will be working with Leavenworth Soccer Club (LSC) to assist them in the process of developing younger players and coaches in preparation for competitive opportunities that lay ahead for those so inclined.

Q: What does CWS – OPS FC offer that is different from my current Club?

A: Formalized curriculum and oversight by an experienced Technical Director with 20 years of coaching experience with players of all abilities, from those who are differently-abled to professional and national team players. An intensified training environment that focuses on the principles of play and the application of those principles in a competitive setting. Professionally licensed and credentialed coaches who are paid. Ongoing player, parent and coaching education. Player First philosophy that promotes the development of the individual player over the team by attempting to consistently place players in a training and playing environments that best match their technical, tactical, physical and psychological make up. Early talent identification, evaluation and recommendation to next level programs such as Sounders FC Youth Academy, Elite Player Development (WYS), PSPL Surf Academy (PSPL), Player Development Program - PDP and id2 (US Club Soccer). Elite Team opportunities for players who show the ability, desire and commitment to play collegiately. College Preparation educational courses for parents and players who desire to play at the next level. College selection and recruiting services. Private and semi-private training for field players and goal keepers. Strength and Performance training, nutritional counseling, injury prevention programming utilizing FIFA 11+.

Q: Will I still get to play with my friends?

A: Maybe. If your friends have similar ability, goals and commitment, then you will most likely continue to play with your friends. If you have different ability, goals and commitment than your friends, you will still have opportunities to play with them in less formal environments. If that's the case, you will also have the opportunity to make additional friends whose abilities, goals and level of commitment more closely align with yours. Creating a competitive environment that is more dynamic, challenging and conducive for your continued development and personal goal achievement.

Q: Can I still play Rec soccer and be on a CWS – OPS FC team?

A: It would depend on your age and the OPS FC program you're participating in. If you're a player born in 2004 or earlier, you wouldn't be able to play both recreational and competitive soccer anymore. If your Rec Club and OPS FC design a program for younger players, 2005 or later, it would most likely supplement and not conflict with the recreational season. That would allow players in those age groups to play for both your recreational club and OPS FC.

Q: Can I still play for my High School soccer team if I play on a CWS – OPS FC team?

A: ABSOLUTELY! OPS FC encourages high school soccer participation at your school.

Q: Can I still play if I'm a multi=sport athlete?

A: YES! We will work with players and families that play multiple sports. The two biggest issues to stay on top of are: Communication with the coach and the team regarding your schedule far enough in advance so coaches and the team can plan for your absence. Over use and fatigue injuries. It is very important that athletes learn to listen to their bodies and get the proper amount of rest/recovery and nutrition to stay injury free and mentally healthy.

Q: Where are practices and games?

A: All training and league matches will take place in the Upper Valley for Upper Valley teams unless environmental conditions, construction, or an unforeseen circumstance would limit or prohibit our ability to train or play a match. All Wenatchee based teams will train and play their home matches in Wenatchee or East Wenatchee unless environmental conditions, construction, or an unforeseen circumstance would limit or prohibit our ability to train or play a match. Exception would be if there is a special training event with the Sounders FC Youth Academy staff or another high level event outside the area that would be beneficial for players, coaches and/or families to attend.

Q: How many practices per week are there with a CWS – OPS FC team?

A: We expect that teams will train at least 2-3 times a week with seasonal breaks and rest periods. Breaks and rest periods will be scheduled by the individual teams based on the availability of those participating and upon the recommendations of the programs Technical Director.

Q: Who will be my coach?

A: We have current coaching staff commitments from Mike Osborn, Peter Osborn, Cristian Barboza, Adam Butler, James Greathouse, Craig Lukens, Mark Fischer, Kelly Gillespie and Marco Aurillio. We are in the process of accepting coaching applications and interviewing prospective candidates. Specific coaches will be assigned to teams through the tryout process as teams are formed.

Q: Registration is $500 – What other costs should I expect to pay throughout the year to be on a CWS – OPS FC team?

A: Uniform kits, approximately $180 - Training Suit & Team Bag in the Fall, approximately $160 - Coaches Training fee of $25-$45 per player, per month depending on the coaches credentials and experience - Players portion of Coaches Travel Expense $100 flat rate for out of town games plus $35 per diem and hotel/airfare costs - players portion of league fee/tournament fee - Individual player/family travel expense - personal equipment expense such as shoes, shin guards, GK gloves, etc.

Q: What is the typical overall cost per year to be on a CWS – OPS FC team?

A: This really depends on the fundraising efforts of individuals and teams, whether or not a player qualifies and is awarded a scholarship, how much the team decides to travel outside of league games, the number of tournaments the team decides to play, overnight stays for individuals and/or families that choose to travel, extra equipment teams decide to purchase, new uniforms every couple of years as players grow, etc. Over the last 20 years I've had teams work together to raise enough money year in and year out to completely cover the cost of registration, tournaments and travel. I've had other teams who don't do any kind of fundraising and make weekly payments to meet their obligations. Knowing that there are several variables that can influence the overall cost per year - these are left at the teams discretion and commitment to navigate. Payment plans for registration fees are listed at

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: YES! A limited number of scholarships are available through OPS FC. Scholarships can be applied for after a player has been invited to join a team after tryouts. To qualify, a family will need to verify need for financial assistance by providing verification that their child is enrolled in the school districts free or reduced lunch program. Scholarships from OPS FC will not exceed 50% of the individual registration fee. Any scholarship awarded will be applied after the total amount due, less the scholarship award has been received. Scholarship applications must be received by June 1, 2016. Scholarship awards will be allocated my committee by June 15, 2016.

Q: What league will our team be playing in?

A: The league each team will be playing in is run by the Puget Sound Premier League. The PSPL is a state wide league sanctioned by US Club Soccer. The PSPL has several divisions available for teams to qualify to play in. WSPL 1 & WSPL 2 are the highest divisions currently available for play with the exception of Girls and Boys High School where the best teams in those age groups can apply for play in US Club's National Premier League. NPL Champions get a birth into US Club's National Championships that are hosted in various major markets around the country. Classic 1, Classic 2, Copa, Inland Copa and Developmental round out the current divisions offered by the PSPL.

Based on the teams talent and ability and past performance, teams become eligible and/or are placed at the appropriate competitive level by the OPS FC Technical Director and approved or moved at he discretion of the PSPL Competition Committee. Some of our teams will play in the Inland COPA Division - which is an all Eastern, WA league. Others will play in the WSPL, Classic1 or 2 divisions that will play all over Washington State and Western Idaho.

Q: What is the season length and which months are the seasons?

A: The typical season year is broke out as follows for middle school and younger - Tryouts and team formation in May - Summer Training and Tournament Season June-August - Fall League Play September-Mid November - Holiday Break - Indoor Training optional during January-February - Spring League Play (optional) March-April - WA Cup (State Tournament) Mid April-1st weekend in May.

The typical season for the GHS player is as follows: Tryouts and team formation in May - Summer Training and Tournament Season June-mid-August - break for HS Soccer - Resume training for league and showcase events mid-November -League Play January-April - WA Cup (State Tournament) Mid April-1st weekend in May.

The typical season for the BHS player is as follows:Tryouts and team formation in May - Summer Training and Tournament Season June-August - Fall League Play September-Mid November - Holiday Break - WA Cup 9 State Tournament) January-February - break for BHS season.

Q: Will there be Elite Team opportunities for high school aged players?

A: YES! For players with the ability, drive and commitment to play collegiately, OPS FC will be working with CWS to identify and select players by invitation and/or through a tryout process to play on a combined team of the best available talent between the two programs. These will be event driven Elite Team opportunities that best fit the individual player, time of year, location, expense and college programs represented at each specific event.

Q: What does my registration fee cover?

A: Scholarship assistance. Referee fees. Registration and secondary insurance through US Club Soccer. Club equipment and supplies. Field lining and porta-potties. NSCAA Club membership. Chamber of Commerce membership. Designated field and facility use fees. Event hosting. Coaching education subsidies. Bookkeeping. Taxes. Banking and credit card transaction fees. Office rent and utilities. Marketing -website and media management. Copies, postage and office supplies. Director stipend and expenses.