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What others are saying about OPS

"Mike has had an unquantifiable impact on my life from the moment I met him as a teenager with Wenatchee Fire FC '91. Having had the opportunity to play under him for over 5 years helped instill a work ethic and discipline that I have carried with me through college and into the workforce. Off the pitch, Mike has been a role model, confidant and father-figure in my life for well over 10 years. Many of the success in my life are due to his mentorship over the years and, amongst countless reasons, I count myself as one of the most fortunate people to have learned to play 'the beautiful game' on his watch."

Chris Feldman

To say Mike is just a soccer coach would be an understatement.  Mike is a
mentor to all of the young adults and children he comes in contact with.  I
have had the pleasure to coach along side Mike and witness first hand his
passion to utilize soccer to teach young people about what is important in
life.  My wife and I believe so deeply in the guidance Mike provides that we
have entrusted him with our son.  He has the perfect balance of high soccer
IQ and passion to make a difference in our youth's futures.

Chad Morgan

Assistant Principal 
Foothills Middle School

As a former coach and board member, serving as both Vice-president and President, I have worked closely with Mike Osborn. I have met very few men with his high level of integrity and character, as well as a deep concern for the kids and families of the Wenatchee Valley. Mike has been a positive impact on my now 18 year old son and I know that there are countless others that would say the same.



Ean Fenty 

Mike Osborn is an amazing  coach and person.  He has not only immensely improved my son's soccer skills, but most importantly, he has brought out the best in my son's confidence as a player AND a person.  Mike's ability to develop the whole player is extraordinary.  I am forever grateful to Mike for his dedication in encouraging, developing, teaching, and building the confidence of my son.  He is an OUTSTANDING coach!!

Erin Stitt

Mike Osborn is a man of integrity that has a passion for developing a healthy soccer program in which our young players can learn to excel and to advance their skills as players and people.  Mike is fully committed to youth development, teaching a strong work ethic through soccer, and guiding players to strive for excellence. His selfless approach and dedication to our soccer players in the area continues to create balanced and promising players at all levels.  Mike has successfully used his experience, education and professional approach to teach and develop players and caring coaches throughout the Valley. He has tirelessly built model soccer programs that engage kids with healthy fun, prepare them through the passion of the game, and allow them to rise to the demands of elite level soccer teams.   Both of my older kids developed their soccer skills while in Mike's program and both of them went on to receive collegiate scholarships to play. My youngest is now taking her turn at it through Mike's OPS and the CW Sounders, receiving better training than ever. My wife and I have personally witnessed boys and girls become young men and young woman in Mikes program that have chosen wise paths in life, gone on to play college soccer, developing into healthy and successful citizens. Naturally many of them are now using soccer as their platform to start their careers, coach, and develop the younger players of today.

I fully endorse Mike's soccer programs and am blessed to have had my family so positively affected by him and his dedication to not only my kids but hundreds of players like them in our region.


G. S.  

Glen Stefanko

Cascade High School

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